I graduated from Portlaoise college of beauty and complimentary therapies on the 7th of June 2012. My aim at the start of the year was to succeed and to get my Cidesco, Cibtac and Itec qualifications. Although I struggled greatly throughout the year and at times I felt I could not do it, Sharon, Michelle and Nicole showed me that was not the case.
Michelle and Nicole are both amazing people as well as amazing tutors, they go that extra mile to help you and want to do their best to help you succeed. Sharon is an amazing principal, her door is always open and she is always doing her best to make sure you are were you should be and doing her best to make sure you will succeed. I thank Sharon and tutors of Portlaoise College of Beauty for all of their help and all of my success, and thanks to Portlaoise college Of Beauty I am now fully qualified, working and training to improve my skills. Everyone can succeed at Portlaoise college of Beauty and Complimentary Therapies.

Rachael Gavin, Co.Kildare (9/07/2012)

I studied beauty therapy in Portlaoise College of Beauty. At the start of the year the course kind of shocked me as I, and im sure many others thought it was going to be an easy ride.. it was tough but we all came together like one big family and made it happen :) I really really enjoyed my first year in the college, even the tears because they made me see how much I really wanted to succeed. I couldnt think of a better Beauty College to recommend to anyone looking into working in the industry. Nicole, Michelle and Therese you are fantastic tutors, ye really encouraged us so much and something i will always remember, is to never say i cant :) Michelle's words of encouragement and I must say, it always worked :).. Ms Sharon :) where do I start ha. I really wouldnt of made it through the year without you there to " Guide me along" I could say :).. I absolutely love the specialised make up course. Enjoyed the high fashion look today. Adele is such a great make up artist and I dont think you could have picked a better tutor for the make up class, there's nothing she cant do and there's nothing she wont have you doing after a class ha. My make up looks have improved so much and she makes the class fun as well as interesting and hardworking. cant wait to start the second year of my beauty therapy course in September, lookin really forward to it and spending another good year with Sharon and her tutors at Portlaoise college Of Beauty..

Thanks a million for a wonderful year :) xx

Ann Marie Heffernan, Co. Laois (9/07/2012)

I studied Beauty therapy in Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies this year. At the start of the year my aim was to be qualified in ITEC, CIBTAC and CIDESCO and to achieve the very best as I could. I could not have got through the year without Ms Sharon Leavy, and her amazing tutors Nicole and Michelle. It was an intense 9 month course along with lots of tears and laughter, but our tears were wiped away quickly with Sharons amazing words "SUPER SMILES". I met some outstanding girls from the course that will be life long friends. This course has gained me so much, I was not confident in myself starting the course and now I feel like it has gave me so much more confidence and courage. I would highly recommend Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies to everyone it is an amazing college and the team at PCB is the best couldnt ask for better people who would go out of there way to help you in every possible way to make the experience from PCB the best yet. I am now a qualified Beauty Therapist in CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC. I couldnt have got through the year without Sharon Leavy and her tutors Nicole and Michelle, thank you so much for everything during the year, am going to miss college alot. xx

Vanessa Dunne, Rathdowney (3/7/2012)

After studying for two years in Portlaoise college of beauty and complementary therapies i am now a highly qualified beauty therapist working in a top class salon. On completion of my first year, Sharon encouraged me come back for a second year to complete the body therapy course so I could achieve the prestegious CIDESCO award. The skills I have learned throughout the courses have prepared me to carry out a variety of treatments on clients and also to be efficient in a working salon environment. The tutors Nicole and Michelle have been very patient to ensure what we were learning was up to a very high standard. I found the theory aspect of the course to be interesting and had a great knowledge and understanding of the effects the treatments would have on the body. We were thought to learn in a fun way which I feel was very benificial to us as therapists as it improves self confidence!! I cant thank the team at PCB enough for their help and support throughout my time at the college and I am looking forward to completing more workshops in the future here to further my skills!!

Vivienne Jordan, Co. Westmeath (28/6/2012)

I have just graduated from Portlaoise College Of Beauty and Complementary Therapies :).... I now hold qualifications in CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC in beauty therapy, body therapy and Electrolysis. When I first attended my interview I never even dreamed I would have come so far or grown so much in just a short year..... I have met fantastic girls whom I'm sure will be friends for life .... Although the course was intense at times and all of us had good days and bad days, the tutors and Miss Sharon Leavy were always there to guide us in the right direction, pull up our socks and remind us what we could achieve!..... In the college you are also given the opportunity to further your education within the industry while you are studying. I think this is fantastic because not only does it make you more knowledgable, it also makes you more employable!.... I chose to do this and hold further qualifications in Spray tanning, Advanced Waxing, threading and I am now going back to qualify in deep tissue massage!

If you are thinking about a career in Beauty Therapy, Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies will provide you with the Knowledge and guidance to achieve it! Anything is possible you just have to believe in yourself :)!

Sharon, Nicole and Michelle thank you so much for all of your hard work, patience and guidance all year! Without all of you I would not be where I am today.... A qualified Beauty and Body therapist! I now have my dream job in a Spa all thanks to Sharon Leavy just 3 weeks after qualifing as a Beauty Therapist. She goes above and beyond for all of her girls

Hannah Shanahan, Co. Kildare (28/6/2012)

I studied beauty therapy as a full time student in portlaoise college of beauty and complementary therapies. I had a great year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Sharon Leavy and the tutors at PCB were just amazing all year round and I would not be where I am today without there help.I struggled along the way and had my tears but there was always someone there with the tissues:) I met some of the most fantastic girls,who were all just amazing and kept me going all year, who I will never forget.Before I attended this college I had no confidence what so ever and I really feel this course has boosted my confidence and made me who I am today, A fully qualified beauty and body therapist. Anybody who is thinking of doing beauty as a career should choose to do it in PCB, you deffo won't regreat it! xxx

Leanne Clarke, Co.Kildare (27/6/2012)

I originally chose Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies because of the location. What I actually got was a lot more than that. The tutors at the college are outstanding, with all the knowledge, care and attention that you could ever need. The support I received throughout the year was amazing. The course structure and content was extensive, with the option of furthering my education or amending it at any time. The principal Sharon Leavy was a phenomenal mentor along with the tutors. From day 1 my goal was to achieve my personal best by giving 100% effort in attendance, assignments and desire to learn. The fellow students I have met along the way have become lifelong friends. To add to all of that I now leave with a qualification ready to start my new life as a Beauty Therapist with endless opportunities, I feel the world is my oyster, which is all thanks to Sharon Leavy.

Siobhan Mc Evoy, Co. Laois (27/6/2012)

Portlaoise collage of beauty is not like any other collage in Ireland. The first day I met Sharon Leavy their was many promises made and she has full filled all of them.
The team of Portlaoise College of Beauty are a step above other colleges as they have the love for every single girl. They not only teach you what is on the syllabus but teach you to take pride in your self as an individual, how to set goals and achieve them but most importantly how to be the best trained in the industry. I struggled during the year but the support and friendly smile I was greeted with every day is what has me where I am.
I am now a qualified beauty therapist in C.I.D.E.S.C.O, C.I.B.T.A.C and I.T.E.C with additional qualifications in Acrylic Nails, Spray Tan and Specialised Waxing and will be returning in the next week or two to do Advanced Massage, Hot and Cold Stone, Nova Lash, Eye Candy and Microdermabrassion before i head to the high seas as I will be joining a Steiner luxury cruise liner in the coming weeks as a beauty therapist to travel while I work. Not a lot of collage graduates get to say I would do it all again in a heart beat, BUT I would.
Sharon Leavy is a role model to all girls that want to be the best because she is the best.

Melissa Jones, Blessington (27/6/2012)

Sharon, I really enjoyed the makeup artistry course I did in the college recently. I learned so much in the 8 weeks, Adele is an amazing makeup artist & a great teacher. The photoshoot at the end was so much fun. I can't wait to come back for the next course. Thanks for providing such great training & support. I would certainly recommend the college to anyone looking to train for a career in the beauty industry!

Caroline Deane Mua, Co. Laois (13/6/2012)

Thanks a mill for a great course. i had so much fun. i would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to pursue a career in Make up Artistry . Adele Miley is an amazing teacher. I have left with so much skill and knowledge. Also Thanks to Sharon Leavy for providing a great course. Cant wait for the specialised one!

Kelly O'Brien, Co.Kildare (16/5/2012)

Hey Sharon, i just want to say that i really enjoyed the make up artistry course, it was so much fun and i met some wonderful people that will be friends for life, Adele is a brilliant teacher as well as make up artist and she made it a really fun atmosphere to learn in,i have learned lots and will return for the advanced course in the future. thanks you for providing such a great course :)

Edel Hynes, Co. Offaly (16/5/2012)

Hey Sharon, Thank you so much for all your help and effort throughout the make up artistry course .The course has giving me so much confidence and passion .Thanks to Adele my own website is nearly up and running .I've also had lots of clients and loads more on the way .It's a huge industry that i would never have got into if it wasn't for you and Adele. You're an amazing team. I did not realise that it was possible to learn so much in such a short period of time. Adele is" bang on trend!" with all areas of the course. I love the way the theory was broken up into smaller modules so the brain wasn't overloaded! Adele's a very hands on teacher who made everything easy when she showed us how. Sharon is extremely organised with times locations etc .
Thanks Sharon for keeping everything in order for us. Its one of the best things I've ever done in my life and am so happy that the midland's has such a high standard of training recognised world wide!

Seamus Kehoe

My name is Irina. I did the Makeup Artistry course in Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies in October 2010. It was great. The course covered all aspects of make up application that would give you the knowledge and confidence to start working as a makeup artist straight away.
The tutor was brilliant! She was very helpful and encouraging. And all the staff of the college where very helpful. Our group was quiet small so every student got plenty of attention. As soon as I finished the course I got work for the busy Christmas season, therefore I got and still get plenty of experience to continue building my confidence as well as building my client base. I would definitely recommend this course to those who are interested in working as a makeup artist.

Irina Behan
Freelance Makeup Artist

Hey Suzanne here on Zaandam Cruise-liner as a nail technician for Steiner
Well it is really different to life at home... it is hard work but as the saying goes "WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD" and that is something that is lived by.
The places u see and things u do is worthwhile, u meet the nicest people.. i will say u do get home sick that is a known fact but it only last for a bit and it is everyone not just one person, but that way everyone... is much nicer and u get to know people really well.
I do not regret coming to work for Steiner on board ships...i love it but i will say u have to be a strong person not afraid to say how u feel about something or someone and stand up for your self...
This is the chance to get out and see the world and really have stories that people want to listen to... example my first day off the ship i got stung by a jelly fish a member of crew which is a cast member had to do the nice thing of p.... on me oooppps ( cast is the dancers and singers of the ship)... we were doing jellow fighting in carins got massaged on the beach in vietnam...dressed men up in nappies and put them on a stage in front of the hole ship.... there is so much more that goes on and that is only the start of it for me as this if my first 3 weeks on the ship..... TOTALLY RECOMMENDED

Suzanne Masterson (29/1/2012)

I would like to thank Sharon and all the tutors at Portlaoise College of Beauty, I have recently taken the Specialised Waxing, Threading and Microdermabrasion courses with them. I have been a Beauty Therapist for the last 5 years and have owned my own salon for the last 18months. I found these courses to be an invaluable asset to me and my business. The courses were well structured and delivered very professionally and I found all the tutors to be friendly and very approachable. I look forward to starting the ITEC Teacher Training Diploma course with them in April 2012 and will definitely be recommending PCB in the future!!

Jackie Lynch Edenderry, Co. Offaly (25/01/2012)

Today was a great day for me!!! Got my CIBTAC and ITEC results and passed!!!!! A big thank you to Nicole our tutor and to Michelle whom was also a huge help. and a huge thanks to Sharon, it was a tough but very rewarding course and gives me the confidence and skills I need to embark on a new career. I really enjoyed my time at PCB and would really recommend it to anyone who has an interest in beauty!!!! thanks again girls !!

Lorraine Power (11/01/2011)

Thank you to Portlaoise College of Beauty and our wonderful mentor Nicole for getting us threw the year with ease... Excellent results all thanks to Nicole for getting us there with all the confidence we needed and not forgetting Michelle and Sharon for all your help.... Thanks you all :) What an outstanding College recommend it to anyone!

Deborah Bonnie (11/01/2011)

Today is definitely an amazing day for me, I just got my results from ITEC and CIBTAC and passed everything! It was a tough, intense course but with the support of Nicole and Sharon I managed to stay on top of all the work. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing the hard work has all paid off and I'm now qualified. The tutors in PCB were amazing and definitely got all of us to where we wanted to be. I really enjoyed my time at PCB and made some friends for life. Thank you

Edel Cummins (11/01/2011)

I trained as a nail technician with Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies. From the beginning I aimed for a career with Steiner. Sharon, the College Director was very encouraging and helpful. She offered me much needed advice about succeeding with Steiner, which I am grateful for. Edel, the course tutor was very clear and concise on how to achieve exceptional nail tech skills. She was extremely patient and supportive. Portlaoise College of Beauty trains its students to the highest standards, the course at times can be demanding, but it is a wonderful accomplishment to work hard and succeed. Nothing worth doing was ever easy! I finished my course in July and am currently in the Steiner academy in London !!

Amy Shelly , Co. Offaly

I just graduated from Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary therapies after completing the year long International CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC beautician, body therapy and electrolysis course. Although the year was intense it was with the support of both Sharon and the tutors that got me through the year and the final exams. The tutors did there best to guide us through the year and to help us achieve the highest grade possible while Sharon worked with us to make our year long journey as easy and positive as she could. With the help of Sharon, I am now working as a full time therapist in one of Dublin's well known salons and would not have gotten where I am today without there support. I was very happy with the college and what it had to offer and made some lovely friends along the way. For anyone who is interested in studying beauty I would highly recommend Portlaoise College of Beauty to them as I know that I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank You :)

Sharon O'Grady Kildare

My name is Carol, and I have recently graduated from Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies as a nail technician. I am delighted to have chosen this college to progress my career into the beauty industry, as I have recently set up Fairytale Nailz and I am excited for the weeks and months to come to see my business expand as a nail technician. Prior to my training I researched numerous colleges and studios and was attracted to Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies as it had an excellent syllabus, more topics and covered every aspect in depth. The best thing about this college is the extremely friendly and attentive staff this made both myself and other students like to learn. When i started the course I had problems learning the techniques used by nail technicians and the course instructor Edel answered my questions patiently and spent extra time showing me the tricks of the trade until I got my technique to perfection. I was very impressed with the facilities and how clean and crisp the college is kept. The atmosphere in the college is like a huge group of friends and learning has been fun.
Sharon has given me great support and guidance and I would love to take this opportunity to thank her and her team for all their tactful, lovely, easy going, friendly and perceptive teaching.

Carol O'Mahony
Fairytale Nailz

Chantelle Murphy I have just graduated from Portlaoise College of Beauty, I am now qualified as a freelance make-up Artist & I am delighted. My time in the college was very pleasant and enjoyable, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, Sharon is a lovely person, very helpful & considerate of all her students.Our tutor Adele Miley is ...wonderful, her experience in the make up industry really helped us to understand how the industry works, she is also a lovely person, always ready to help you with anything you may need, all the girls felt she was part of the group & not just our teacher.The college itself is gorgeous, & I loved how the products were on show for you to pick & choose from.I always looked forward to going into class, and I miss the time I spent in the college, I look forward to taking part in the day courses that are starting soon.I just want to say Thank you to all that helped me during the course & I hope to work with the college again.

Chantelle Murphy
Freelance Make-Up Artist

I studied in 'portlaoise college of beauty' last year for one year which inc CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC .. i believe i have achieved alot more than i taught i would have from attending my interview at the very start! all thanks to the tutors and most of all the main women herself *sharon leavy (the one with super smiles).
these people have got me to where i am today, a beauty salon in tullamore which ...i am very happy with!! everyone in the college had there good days and bad days but mostly good :) everyone gets sick of studying at times, as we all know but in the end its well worth it!! i found the course absoultly great and would like to thank everyone at PCB for where i am today and what i have achieved in the past!! all i can say to people who wish to go for this course, ye are very lucky as i wish i could do it all over again! thanks guys.

Emer Farrell Beauty Therapist Mountmellick

I studied beauty therapy at PCB. I found my course to be challenging, exciting and very enjoyable. It has given me the confidence to pursue a course in Beauty Therapy. I am very excited about my new career path. Thanks very much to everyone at PCB for your encouragement and support throughout.

Cliodhna Molloy, Beautician Co. Westmeath

I have just completed a full time Beauty Therapy Course in PCB. I also did five one day work shop courses. I also completed a nail tech course and makeup artistry course.
I am now fully qualified in I.T.E.C, C.I.B.T.A.C, and C.I.D.E.S.C.O.

Sharon was my mentor and inspiration. She is a friendly, helpful and understanding person. She sees your potential and encourag...es you to achieve it.
Sharon encouraged me to apply for work as a Beauty Therapist on Steiner. I'm delighted to accept the position and will be setting sail in November.
All the tutors at PCB are dedicated to their pupils education. They are friendly, encouraging

Suzanne Masterson Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Makeup Artist. Kildare

I completed my beauty therapy training in June 2011 and graduated from Portlaoise College of Beauty & Complementary Therapies. I enjoyed my time in the college and though I found some of the course very challenging at times, I can honestly say that my training from the college is the best preparation I could have got. Sharon & her tutors at the college, in my opinion, were a credit to the facility... as they paid such attention to every aspect of our training in order to make us confident beauty therapists and to believe in ourselves at all times through out.If anyone is considering a career as a beauty therapist, I would highly recommend this college as the quality of the training you will receive is recogonised. I look forward to returning to the college to complete further courses I wish to accomplish Thanks to the PCB team for their help as I embark on a career I really enjoy.

Colette Conroy, Tullamore

I completed the ITEC, CIBTAC and CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Course in Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complimentary Therapies in 2011. Having researched other colleges before commencing, I found that the qualifications offered by PCB was one of the best.
The course itself was extremely tough, but the tutors did do their best to make the course enjoyable also.
Although the course took a lot of work and dedication throughout the year, it was definately worth it as I am now working in a well known salon in Dublin. The tutors in PCB were amazing, and definately got all of us to where we wanted to be.
Overall, I really enjoyed my year at PCB and made amazing friends. I'm extremely grateful to the team of PCB who helped me get to where I am today.

Ramona Treacy.
Tullamore, Co Offaly

I completed the Beauty Therapy course at Portlaoise College of Beauty and Complementary Therapies and in 2010 completed my nail technician course. Every aspect of both courses where first class I feel I was trained to an exceptionally high standard. The college was also a lovely environment to work in and carry out beauty treatments.
The enthusiasm of the highly skilled teaching staff encouraged me to work hard and gain prestigious qualifications.
As a result I have a successful career in Beauty Therapy, i am also commencing employment with Steiner as a Nail Technician on February 2011 and I will work on one or many of their Spas on board luxury cruise ships. Can't wait.....

Andrea Delaney
Nail Technician
Steiner 2011